May 8, 2011

Asked to prom (not hypothetically)

Today is Mother's day.
The day started with waking up to cuddle my mommy and then a drive down to Safeway to go buy some milk so that my sister and I could make her crepes with salmon spread. They were nummy. We were going to go down to the Saturday Market in Portland, but the weather was awful so we decided to just have a lazy day. A lazy lazy day... one in which I didn't even shower and I took periodic naps in my mom's bed while watching bad romance movies.
Well today was one of those days that I wish I had actually gotten dressed.
For the past week or two, I've been dressing up EVERY day just in case Spencer asked me to prom. Heels, skirts, the whole shebang. I have this thing where I'd rather look nice and confident when something important happens. On top of that, I like looking nice when I'm with him so that people could maybe go "Yeah, I totally get it! They look perfect together!" I told him how I felt about looking nice for him when he asked me...
But my boyfriend just happens to also have a twisted sense of humour.
The bell rang, I told my sister "go get it, I look like crap". But she got it last time, so I got up and checked who was there from inside the door (there's a big window on our door). The first words out of my mouth: "you guys, we definitely have a problem." I was all gross and one of those things going through my mind was whether or not I had time to take a shower. On my front porch was a dozen red roses (my absolute favourite), and a frame engraved with "Prom?". I knew he was hiding somewhere. GRRRR. Why today, of all days??
I opened the door and there he was, in all his glory: The kid I love wrapped up in a purple button-up, black vest, dark jeans, matching black belt and shoes. And there I was: A hot mess, greasy hair, bare feet, his sweatshirt, no makeup, and some jeans that I had slept in (bad habit).
"I don't know if I am hugging you or trying to strangle you." "Is that a yes?..."
Only my man would make asking me to prom half romantic/half malicious prank.
Part 2, the actual dance, to come. Top hats and tulle ensue.

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Also, my mom better let me go to prom so that I can see you two class the place up. And so that you can see my sari if I wear one (:

Anonymous said...

hha. cute. "my" spencer, as your mommy likes to put it, put hearts and "prom?" on my car and i looked like crap that day. but the sort of crap where you went out to get fast food so you're wearing sweats and junk so you don't look like a complete bum. haha.
anyways, that's adorable. :) and i can't wait to see what you guys will be wearing there. gonna be great. hha. :)

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