April 29, 2011

Je pense que je t'aimerais

I apologize for being so absent recently. It's gotten really tough lately what with my parents' divorce, my mother's diagnosis of breast cancer plus the lovely chemo that goes with it, and the stress of school and life in general. Sometimes I wish I could just press PAUSE on my life. But alas, only in my dreams.
Lately, I have been doing better. My mom seems to be handling everything rather well and my boyfriend keeps me sane when I'm on the edge of panic-mode. I love the kid. He gives me a reason to dress up and look pretty.
.... Cause if I don't, he looks much too handsome for me.
This red jacket has been a staple for the past few weeks. I love love love the colour and cut. My brother bought it for me. The jacket fits excellently around the shoulders and bust and waist and everything. It's a lovely length and is very well made. If I remember correctly, it was a steal also!
I miss summer clothes. It's so hard to figure out what to wear for the winter. I mostly wear tights. This is a summer skirt which I made out of a vintage tablecloth. I missed it so much, I threw on some maroon tights and paraded it today.

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