December 18, 2010

Snippits and an update

You know, I haven't been updating this much. I feel sort of bad. I've just been so busy!

So this post is going to be a little random and about just stuff that comes to mind. Oh, and here's some recent pictures. :)
I heard somewhere that you're not supposed to wear red lipstick in high school. But I love it so! I can't help myself. Besides, I usually skip the lipstick and go with a Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb from Burt's Bees.
Oh, here's a photo of my with my hair up. Sometimes it does it on it's own. I like my hair up but it's hard to wear pretty clothes with it. So I mostly wear it spiked with my grungier clothes and when I want to feel punk. I've realized that I have two styles: prep and punk. It's sort of funny since they're absolutely opposites. But it really depends on my mood. And whether or not I want to feel like a good student that day.
Okay, so it's the holidays, right?
What's MY favourite thing about the holidays?
The kid's clothes. Of COURSE.
When I'm older and I have kids (which will happen, I'm determined), they will be dressed in such cute clothes and they will absolutely hate it. But maybe later they'll appreciate it and as teenagers or college-kids, they'll start dressing all proper. Ah! So cute! These last two photos were taken at Target.
Anyway. Sorry for being so absent. I might do something special over the winter break.

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