August 17, 2010

Some Summer Outfits+ The Waitress Skirt

Because I love love love clothes (as you can imagine from my room), I thought I should share some of the outfits I've been wearing lately. Most of the time, it's even for just staying home. I love getting dressed anyway! The photo on top is of one of my usual outfits this summer. It's simple but it reminds of a picnic or gathering of some sort! I love the colours.
Camisole: Kohl's (on sale for $5) Shorts: Goodwill ($4) Belt: My Dad's old baseball belt

This is another outfit that I've worn just way to often lately. It's so loose and flowy for those terribly hot days during the summer. Ah, it's been awful! I recon'd the shorts from an old pair of men's work shorts. They're one of my favourites. Short but not too short and they're striped! And I love stripes. I always have to wear a cami under the tank top because it's so sheer but I don't mind.
Cami: Kohl's ($7) Shorts: FREE from a garage sale. Tank: Pacsun (on sale for $10)

Ah! I couldn't get the full outfit in. I'll try to later though. I know, my room is a mess. I've been tearing my room apart. This is to show my newest pair of boots. They look almost like riders except shorter. They lace up and have hooks and are so comfortable. They have a solid heel that gives a nice height to them... and they're the perfect length so that they don't cut off my calves.
Boots: Garage sale ($4) Pants: Recon'd from an old pair of rider's pants. They're high waist!

This was my latest project! Because it was so hot, I really felt no need to be ironing and the project I WANTED to do required a little bit of pressing. So to keep myself busy, I made a quick skirt (which turned out to not be so quick because I'm so clumsy). I really love how it turned out! I just happened to have these materials which I think look so cute together. I call it "The Waitress Skirt" because it just reminds me of a cute tulip skirt and an apron. I love aprons.

This is possibly one of my favourite photos I've taken so far!

An indie shot. Haha..
Shirt: Wetseal Necklace: FREE at a garage sale Skirt: Materials are from SCRAP (50 cents)

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