August 21, 2010

Mini-tutorial: "Blood" red lip stain

Here you can see my newest hair colour. I'm not sure if I like it yet..
So, basically, in this entry I'm going to be going over lip stains. I've wanted a lip stain for FOREVER (okay, maybe a year), but they are SO expensive! At least at Target they are...
The cool thing about lip stains is that they are a more "natural" look than lipsticks. They aren't sparkly or shiny and they blend in with your lip colour. Not only that, but they are much easier to wear, since you usually don't have to spend so much time reapplying (or worrying if it'll rub off on something)!
But again, they are usually a bit pricey... :(
Why? Why do they have to be pricey? WHY? WHY I TELL YOU?
Especially since you can use household items to get the same (or better!) look.
I've been scouring the internet for some sort of cheap substitute. These are some of my favourite options:

Food Colouring
I actually tried this one. You only need a very little bit when working with the food colouring. It's kind of.. duller and not as vibrant as I expected which I quite liked. What I didn't like about the food colouring was that it dried quickly and so it get kind of splotchy. In addition, your lips have to be very well-exfoliated or else the food colouring dyes the dead skin darker and that's just not what you want.

I haven't tried this yet. But I would assume it'd work well! Especially since I always remembered that ring of red stain that just wouldn't come off as a kid. I like this idea because it's super cheap for a pack of Kool-Aid, you can mix an assortment of colours, and it tastes nummy too! Well, it'd be very strong, of course... but it's no chemical.

Fake Blood
Okay, this sounds funny. But when I was trying the food colouring, I remembered that I had this lovely shade of fake blood lying around (don't ask me why) so I thought to try it. I really liked the fake blood because it's a little gooey-er so it glides on and gives you time to get an even coat. After you're satisfied with the cover, blot with a tissue. You can also layer the colour on after each blotting to make it more intense. I'm wearing the fake-blood-lip-stain in the picture above with a lip balm. I love it!

Hope this was helpful!

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Anonymous said...


Need more pics.


Anonymous said...

YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!! It's like, super retro-sexy!
Love You Katja!!
Yours truly,
"I'm kind of a big deal.." ;-)

rachel / Red Lips Vintage on September 20, 2010 at 12:31 PM said...

hi, i love your blog! i am a huge fan of lip stains, too, and can never quite find one that works for me. I recently bought an all natural/vegan lip stain made of beets but it had results much like the food coloring you did. :/ I'm still on the hunt though!

keep up the cute diys!

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