July 8, 2010

The Shirt-Skirt: a rant/tutorial

This is the Shirt-Skirt that is currently being sold at ModCloth. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE ModCloth. It's my favourite place to get inspiration for a lot of my retro/indie stuff but to be honest, their clothes are much pricier than they really need to be. This is one of those cases where there's really no need to spend so much money on an article of clothing. The Shirt-Skirt sells for $79.99 which is.. somewhere around $80 dollars more than you need to spent in order to have one. Now, like other reconstructions/DIYs, you're not going to get the exact same thing as the ModCloth picture shows (because of errors and the fact that I REALLY enjoy elastic) but it's really just the same thing. Here's my very first attempt at a shirt-skirt (although I will probably do another version soon):

It was a quick picture, don't hate. Also, don't mind my ghetto dressform. It's made of duct tape.
It was made from one of my dad's old work shirts which was a really pretty blue colour. I'm not COMPLTELY satisfied with the outcome. Next time, instead of making a sash that doesn't fit out of the sleeves, I would make pockets in the side seems and also cut the shirt into an A-line.
All in all, it's pretty much the same skirt. Tutorial? I think so, maybe just a quick one.

Required stuff:
A dress/button-up shirt (larger is better, be sure that armpit to bottom hem is long enough as a skirt)
A 2-3 inch elastic (waist measurement)
All the sewing goodies

Do it:
Step one: Remove any pockets on the shirt. Cut a straight line right across from armpit to armpit. If there are any buttons in the way, remove them.
Step two: Turn the soontobeskirt inside-out. Pin the elastic about 1/2 inch down from the top around the skirt. Be sure to even out the gathers and all that good stuff (we're not pleating today)
Step Three: Sew the top of the elastic on, tugging slightly to even out the elastic with the fabric. Then sew the bottom of the elastic on (again, tugging) so that there are two rows of stitching through the elastic (if that makes sense).
Step Four: Fold the 1/2 inch you left at the top of the skirt down to cover the rough edges. Pin it. Sew it, tugging on the elastic again.

Et voila! That's your basic shirt-skirt. You can sew the original pockets back onto the front or seam-rip the sides and put in pockets there. Bam.

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