June 9, 2010

Roundup! Rompers, Playsuits, Jumpers

Finally! Rompers are coming back into style! They seem to be everywhere nowadays-- and some stores have some really cute ones! The problem is, is that they're too expensive. Well, I suppose that depends on your budget. But I prefer my budget to be to a minimum.
Here are some romper tutorials to cope with a skimpy wallet:

Jumper out of a Tshirt:

This picture is actually the one that I made from this tutorial! I took a very large plain white tee and spray painted it tie-dye! I then followed this tutorial and produced a pretty sweet jumper thingy.

Threadbanger Playsuit:

This tutorial is so easy to follow and the end result is super cute! I have so many of my Dad's old shirts; You'll probably see my version of this playsuit up soon!


This jumper is super cute and has an almost professional look, but it also takes a bit of skill in the sewing department. This chick also needs to wear a shrug with it.

Romper from Slip:

The end result is SO adorable, ah, but I don't have a slip... Perhaps this could also similarly work with another type of light, simple dress.

Romper from 2 Tshirts:

Who doesn't love a good T-shirt recon? This romper looks so comfortable and totally retro. I'm also digging the pumps with it!

So that's basically all I have to share for right now!
I have to go get started on making myself one of these.


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