June 23, 2010

Outfit+ Zipper Cuff Tutorial

Today's outfit was something a little different from what I normally wear. Everything I'm wearing was garage saled/ altered. The shirt I'm wearing was from a garage sale a little while back. Usually, I buy shirts to make other things out of, but this shirt was just too cool to cut up! It's very nautical and I really love it! I tucked it into some shorts I made spurofthemoment today. They used to be a boot-cut pair of jeans, but I cut them to a barely school-appropriate length (which happens to be my favourite length) and roughed them up with some sand paper. I wore a pair of flats with them.

Zipper Cuff Tutorial

This was an idea that just suddenly popped into my head. I'm sure there are other variations of it on the internet, but here's mine.

3-4 zippers (approx. the same size)
1 smaller zipper
Sewing machine

1) find 3-4 zippers approximately the same length and that can go around your wrist with some room. Also find a small one, that is as long as the width of the zippers lined up. (look at the pic). You may also want to make sure that the longer zippers can go over your hand to slip it on in case your smaller zipper isn't one that comes undone.
2) overlap one longer zipper against another in a row. Use a ZIGZAG stitch on your machine to sew them together.
3) Repeat with all the long zippers!
If your zippers aren't all the same size, simply handstitch a stop at the end of each individual zipper and trim to create a shorter zipper.
4) Take the shorter zipper and overlap it against the end of one of the sides of the rectangle o' zippers your just made. ZIGZAG!
5) Handstitch the other side of the small zipper to the other side of the rectangle to make a tube.

Et Voila!
A kinda neat edgy bracelet cuff thing. This project literally took me maybe 10 minutes.

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