June 6, 2010

It's me-- Oh my!

Hello dear internet,

This is my very first blog and I am so excited! I promise to you, internet, I will never use you as a diary or a useless way of communicating to the rest of the world. I hope for this blog to be super practical and maybe even a little interesting!

What's to come:
My current/finished projects
Tutorials (because who doesn't love a good tutorial?)
Reviews of products or materials that may be helpful to you, the reader
Perhaps interesting videos/factoids in case it's a slow week.

Filler is killer. <3

4 comments on "It's me-- Oh my!"

Heath! said...

how does it feel to enter the blogosphere?

LaurelC: said...

You should look through your notes on Facebook and post some of the things you've put there, here. : ) Like that Burt's Bees guide, and the guide to other blogs like this. : )

Nick said...

Oh boy, a blog, anda promise of no filler! Exciting. Do I get cupcakes now?

Rock Candy Art on June 8, 2010 at 10:07 PM said...

You should set "following" on so that you we can follow with just one click.

You should also follow Rock Candy Art! Just cause, it's your company too...hahahaha

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