June 28, 2010

A beautiful and eventful day!

This skirt was made from a vintage table cloth I bought at a garage sale. I cut it in half to keep the lovely design, sewed it into a tube, and added elastic to gather! It's my favourite skirt. I also made the scarf/necklace a while back out of scraps I had lying around. I have so many of these!

Today was such a beautiful, beautiful day! This weekend, I made quite a bit of money vending at the Recycled Arts Festival in downtown Vancouver, so today was all about spending it! First, I had to cater to an order one of my family's friends put in but nobody sells orange tulle. I checked two Walmarts and Hancock Fabrics (btw, Walmart has a variety of tank tops for 3-4 dollars which is the best. I bought maybe 6 of them). Hancock Fabrics ended up having this peach-y colour which I hope looks vibrant in a tutu. Also, Hancock Fabrics was having a lovely sale on EVERYTHING (which is awesome) including dress forms. I bought one because I made my current dress form out of duct tape and it's not exactly reliable.. or practical. $80 dollars for a new dress form isn't so bad.

Something else happened today! My Burt's Bees Grab Premium Grab Bag arrived today. It is full of so many little goodies! I'm so excited to try some of them out! The only problem I have so far is that it came with a men's product and a baby product... I'm neither of those, so it's a little impractical. There were also things that I absolutely love! So now I have more of them. Expect a review sometime soon.

I'm currently looking for a good summer dress tutorial that is sort of nautical but also feminine. I bought a very cute red/white stripe fabric from Hancock Fabrics with which I wish to make a cute dress. I'll probably end up making my own tutorial.

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Natasha (: on June 28, 2010 at 5:58 PM said...

Just wanted to say that I love your blog. (: It's great to hear that you had such an awesome day! I love summer. :D

We should hang out soon! And we should also hang out when my French exchange student comes here!

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